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  1.That day,after the alma mater,hear the familiar get out of class whispered,as if we saw the scenes of our heart to play.


  2.face graduation,you may have a lot of puzzled,there may be many reluctant,maybe there will be a lot of regret,maybe some regret,maybe there will be many nostalgia.

  3.Thanks to all the three years of college students,I will remember,remember all my life.

  4.meet and bid farewell to the sail and off the coast,is the end of the joy of the past,the beginning of the future happiness.

  5.Let us waved away,in that infinite space roaming; trance of life on the road,the fate will always meet.

  6.think about the same table we have,after the college entrance examination on the future,and my heart is really sad.Classmates,the future more treasures!

  7.fate is a line,set up the bridge we meet,cut our side of the community; friendship is a altar of wine,far from the north to drink a total of not drunk,he finally meet again and again.

  8.After graduation,do not sit in the classroom to listen to the teacher lectures,but to start living for the rush.

  9.I do not want to be able to succeed,since the choice of the piece of oasis,it is no longer looking back!

  10.When I graduated,when I was living alone,I would raise a cat called the wholesale to accompany me.

  11.After graduation,after tears,always injured.Death does not change,that adhere to is forever.

  12.What is the alma mater,that is where you call him eight times a day but not allow others to curse the place.

  13.waved goodbye,sail voyage,forget the friend,is that you throw the friendship of the cable,virtually tied to my heart.

  14.Do not think that can be mixed to graduation on the line.It is also important to master the skills.

  15.love Yiyi,do not depend on,a thousand words for speechless; you can not forget me,I can not forget you,meet will have a period.

  16.four years or long or short have been time to take away,leaving the memories have become a touch of the War.

  17.Teacher's last sentence: you look at the book,I look at you again.

  18.how can the vicissitudes of life,how can there be no painful moment? For the cause,we let the tears of farewell.

  19.fate let us go to the same sky,chase together,grow together,laugh together.

  20.We are lucky,every good time; we have aura,to seize the opportunity,the future in our body.


  1,my dear I want to love you well,I have to be happy not graduated

  2,at the same table,no I nagging around,will not be some accustomed to.

  3,graduated,we say good cry,can be scattered food that day tears do not obey the flow out.

  4,even if the season stranded,memory precipitation,that thin film with the years of fading,but also rinse out that piece of warmth.

  5,we go to school every day,everyone still laugh so bright,imitation brush there are 10 million flowers at the same time bloom.But our hearts clear,everyone's heart,in fact,have a touch of melancholy.

  6,watching the students recorded on the words you write me,I am happy to shed tears.

  It is the life of the nectar!It will give the future into the victory,it will stay in our lips,leaving endless memorable.

  8,holding a college admission notice to sleep,wake up and found a notice into a diploma,that I have been here to sleep.

  9,can not extend a career before graduation,let me remember the three years of good.

  10,in this hot sun season,we will leave,for a better banquet,more lively.

  11,those years we graduated from the scattered things clearly hard to cry but also pseudo-strong.

  12,from then on,recall meet each other.Several times the soul dream and Jun.Tonight to the silver cylinder according to,still afraid to meet is a dream.

  13,graduation photo,and we do not have a bright smile.Because we are about to separate.

  14,each of the shelling,are mature to the transformation.However,time wash.We have any of the past,only the most beautiful.Dedicated to each of you,and the finest,years of love.

  15,graduated,the topic is no longer gossip,learning,replaced by work,the future and marriage.

  16,whether you go to Cape End of the World,and no matter how long will be separated,I will wait for waiting.

  17,gardenia flowers,four years of dreams,it is necessary to bid farewell to the paragraph.The new horn has been ringing to the campus we are going to ring.Hope in the future of life on everyone we can smooth sailing.

  18,in fact,graduation is not terrible,terrible is to grow up,before the classmate friends do not remember their own.

  19,what is my alma mater,when you first came to anxious to go early,can be really when you want to go,and eager to stay more than a day or two.

  20,today's classmates break up,Road one: treasure!Alumni reunion tomorrow,he heard: success!


  1.If the course of life is a route,where it extends depends on the compass,then the most important thing is to recognize the pointer on the compass.

  2.Everyone has a valuable asset,that is - life!Hope you can use it effectively.

  3.life gives you an ordinary and precious gift,this is youth.I wish you with enthusiasm,work hard to return to life!

  4.your youth as hot as the sun,even in the face of frost,but also can melt into Oasis,to nourish the earth,irrigation pastoral.

  5.The secret of success lies in the goal of perseverance.

  6.Opportunity is like Yin Yan,often fly to our window lattice; the opportunity is like a bell,always echoed in our roof.Just need us to look with the eyes to catch,with the ears to listen.

  7.Talent is like a spark,it can be extinguished,you can burn up.Light it,let it burn into a raging fire.

  8.Autumn fruit does not belong to the spring of flowers,but belongs to the spring of the plowers.You sow the seeds of creation in the spring of life,will come to the golden life of the fall!

  9.Under the snow is covered with green leaves,is colorful,is a bird flower wish you with excellent results to meet the spring!

  10.Zero,only and real numbers are meaningful; ideas,and only with the action to make a brilliant.

  11.Learning is to strive for something that naturally does not give us.

  12.Although there is always a round of sediment,but the surging river is always running in the established direction.

  13.climbing,life is climbing!May you bear the fate of the heavy load,trekking,climbing on a consciousness,character,sentiment,knowledge of the peak of it!

  14.When you head high when the chest,my dear child,please pay attention to the foot of the stone or cut off the ditch.

  15.green leaves of the bud said: growth!Grow!White flowers said: open!Open!Dark red fruit said:brilliant!Brilliant!

  16.In the journey of life,hope you write this joy trilogy.

  17.In the picture of life,occasionally cast a gray,does not foretell your sinking,it is important,in the gray to extract the green hope.

  18 graduation to the students of the message selected 3 graduation to the students of the message selected 3 no way,we took a road,there are many roads,we hesitated,which go But when we are hesitant,the time has been quietly slip away.Do not hesitate,and choose a quasi-one to a solid footprints,to the success of the end,forward!

  19.Maybe you have lost a wonderful result in your dream last night; perhaps,you have lost this morning show a colorful vision; perhaps you have lost a beautiful evening in the evening sunset But as long as you never lost your relentless Effort,never lost You constantly improve the self,youth,heater will be full of your life sails.

  20.There is no embarrassment of failure,there will be no pride of success; failure is not terrible,as long as they can stand up from failure.