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  first day of school, I know your new teacher. When I see you feel so warm, warm. In three years you will let us grow into a more sturdy trees. No matter whether I will be tall and straight trees, or low shrubs. Teacher, I will pay tribute to your life green. I hope our youth will always be with you the joy, Teacher's Day approaching, my dear teacher, I wish you good health and good luck!



  “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” !

  grateful for your words a thousand words can not express late, for your blessings of heavenly years will not change, the teacher, I wish you good luck!


  This is Teachers Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers. This profession deserves the special recognition and respect. There is no more appropriate time than this to honour you and others in your chosen field. You have my eternal gratefulness. Have a happy Teachers Day.


  We are more thankful than we can express.


  You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend. Thank you for all that you have done.


  Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.


  The man who can make hard things easy is the educator.


  Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.


  A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.——Henry Adams


  teacher, you are hard gardener, nurturing the seeds of those of us so that we take root, grow! You are the architects of the future, brick by brick of hard work!You are the light of candles to illuminate us, but just not light up themselves. Today, we are blessed with a sincere thank you! Teacher, your hard work! I wish the teacher students everywhere!


  I wish every teacher could have a sunny smile, a healthy body, you are a miracle worker, you feed us, and we deeply thank you!


  teacher, if you are a beautiful sky of the sun, we are underground lovely grass, is that you give us new life. Your day and night to help us takecare of us, your hard work!


  teacher, you work hard, every school is the first to you, and the last batch of home is your "day as a teacher, parent" I wishyou glory in the educational career!


  a picture of simple face, which both hard hands, as tirelessly cultivating the flowers and the gardener in your season, I wish you a happy holiday!


  In this special holiday, we would like to tell you: the teacher, you work hard, I wish the teacher can music of life, to laugh test!


  like the whole world of horses, with the sun brilliant!


  There is a feeling in the world beyond the family, friendship. That teachers care and concern for our feelings, our feelings carefully taught. I sincerely wish all the best teachers, always healthy, always HAPPY!


  teacher, you are like a candle, set himself on fire to illuminate others, like the spring silkworm Tujin black hair, in order to get the younger generation to climb the peak of science and the "Golden Key", you are pale hair, devoting the effort. In the occasion of Teacher's Day I wish you good health and good luck!


  You are the winter of charcoal, is the heat in the shade umbrella, a stepping stone to turbulence is the beacon light amid the fog - a teacher, ah, your words and deeds, and educating people well and others with willingness and memorable!


  You are not actors, but to attract the attention of our hunger and thirst; you are not a singer, ding-dong sound allows the springs of knowledge, sing beautiful songs; you are not a sculptor, but groups of young people in shaping the soul ... .. the teacher ah, how can I put you forget!


  If I can fighting blue sky, when you gave me to take off; If I hit the wave of warriors that try their hand that you gave me the strength, if I is not quenched the torch that you gave me youth's bright!


  teacher, your hard work! You let me know that "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"!


  It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.


  This small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness. We all want to thank you.


  students everywhere, kindness deep as the sea, I wish good health teacher!


  a festival, though not in the spring, but spring. Teacher, your holiday best, this day, your garden's flowers are in full bloom!


  mountain unwavering, constant flow of clear water, my teacher grace, heart stay forever!


  I wish you a teacher health and good luck, success in work, happy over every minute, every day happy too!


  teachings, such as spring, Shien deep as the sea, students everywhere, Chunhui four times!


  I wish the teacher students everywhere, the heart is good, all is well