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  1、Congratulations,Graduate,on all that you’ve accomplished…Good luck in all that you’ll achieve。祝贺你,毕业生,祝贺你取得的一切成绩…愿你日后一切顺利。

  2、To wish you joy at this holy season。Wishing every happiness will always be with you。恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。

  3、Life is a profound book.Other’s notes cannot replace your own understanding.May you find and create something new in it.生活是一本精深的书,别人的注释代替不了自己的理解。愿你有所发现,有所创造。

  4、Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year!愿你的新年光彩夺目、灿烂幸福!

  5、Break up silently as it was quietly met。Like the warm breeze,give you my affection to carry a blessing and prayer!默默的分手,正如当初默默地相遇。愿这温馨的微风,给你捎去我深情的祝福和祈祷!


  6、I wish you many more anniversaries each happier than the last。愿你们有更多周年纪念日,一年比一年更幸福。

  7、When you need real understanding,when you need someone to care,when you need someone to guide youa father is always there。Thank you,Dad,for listening and caring,for giving and sharing,for being such a wonderful Dad。当你需要真正的理解,当你需要关心,当你需要指点,你总可以去找父亲。谢谢您,爸爸,谢谢您倾听、操心,谢谢您给了我许多,可又为我分担忧愁,谢谢您是这样了不起的爸爸。

  8、Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!祝你生日妙不可言,整年沉浸在幸福里!

  9、Congratulations! Earning your Master’s degree is an achievement of note,and I hope you are feeling proud and happyas you deserve。获得硕士学位是一项引人瞩目的成就,我希望你为此感到骄傲和欢欣,因为你当之无愧。祝贺你!

  10、Wishing you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true。但愿天从人愿,幸福与爱情无边!

  11、Roses,sweet and fragrant,sent to you to say,May each hour be a happy one on this special day。Have a happy birthday!送你一束甜蜜芬芳的玫瑰,她对你说,今天的喜庆分外美妙,每时每刻都同样幸福,令人陶醉。祝你生日快乐!

  12、May the warmest wishes,happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year。让温馨的祝愿、幸福的思念和友好的祝福,在新年来到你身边。

  13、I have three wishes:May our friendship warm our hearts!May joy be always with you and me!May we often meet each other!我有三愿:一愿友情温暖我们心田,二愿欢乐永驻你我心间,三愿我们常常相见?

  14、Let’s bless each other with happy futures,forever。让我们彼此祝福,愿未来美好,直到永远。

  15、A gift of love for your birthday,which is a warm wish from my heart。Happiness for your birthday and always。送上一份生日礼物,它是我内心深处的是生日祝福,祝你生日快乐,岁岁平安!

  16、You two are a perfect match。Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of happiness。你们是天生的一对,祝你们永远幸福。

  17、God bless you and yours,and surround you ever with his blessing。愿上帝祝福你和你的爱人,永远赐福于你们。

  18、Don’t be disappointed on the journey of life。There are friends in the world。Seize your chance and value your opportunities。May our friendship be everlasting。人生路上何须惆怅,天涯海角总有知音。把握机会珍惜缘分,祝愿我们友谊长存。

  19、You are so pretty,if thy forgot you--but i can’t forget you。你如此漂亮,如果你的忘记你--但是 i 不能忘记你。

  20、Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year。I hope you will continue to enjoy good health。请接受我诚挚的新年祝福,顺祝身体健康。

  21、You’re wonderful friend,and I treasure you more with every year。你是一位难得的挚友,我对你的珍重与岁俱增。

  22、Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year!愿你的新年光彩夺目,灿烂幸福!

  23、May the coming New Year bring you joy,love and peace。愿新年为你带来快乐,友爱和宁静。

  24、Time does not water down the wine of friendship;distance does not separate our hands of longing.Wishing you happiness forever!时间冲不淡友情的酒,距离拉不开思念的手,祝福你,永远永远!

  25、May your New Year be filled with special moment,warmth,peace and happiness。愿你的新年充满温馨,祥和与幸福。

  26、Most want to hear your laughter,most want to see is your happiness,happiness is always with you,this is my most sincere wishes!最想听到的是你的笑声,最想看到的是你的快乐,愿幸福永远陪伴你,这是我最真心的祝福!

  27、When seeing you off,we express deep regret and wish you a pleasant journey。我们怀着眷恋难舍的心情为您送行,祝你一路顺风。

  28、With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season!在这绚烂快乐的圣诞佳节,献上一切美好的祝福!

  29、Best of luck in the year ahead in your business。愿您今年事业顺利。

  30、Oh,my friend,do you like stars?If you feel lonely far away from home,look up at the stars in the sky,where there is a star for luck that I’ve send you.朋友,你喜欢星空吗?如果有一天你在远方流浪时感到孤独、忧郁,请抬头看看星空,那儿有我送给你的幸运星。

  31、Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year。请接受我们对你及你全家的美好祝福,祝你们新年快乐。

  32、Don’t let time dilute the wine of friendship。Don’t let distance space out missing。Blessing you,forever!不要让时间冲淡了友情的酒,不要让距离拉开思念的手,祝福你——永远!

  33、Forget,forgive,for who may say that Christmas day may ever come to host or guest again。Touch hands!愿知道圣诞节会不断来临的人们,忘却和宽恕以往一切不快,让我们携手共进吧!

  34、It’s joy to know you,wishing the nicest things always for you,not only today,but all the year through because you are really a joy to know。认识你是一种快慰,愿你永远拥有最美好的东西,不仅今天拥有,而且天天拥有,因为认识你真是一种慰藉。

  35、For youth,for happiness,let’s bless each other,treasure the friendship between you and me。为了年轻,为了欢乐,让我们彼此祝福,彼此珍惜。。

  36、With very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year。致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快乐幸福。

  37、I’m very happy to be you friend!Wish you have a bright future!我是非常快乐的是你朋友!愿你有明亮的未来!

  38、May the New Year be a time of laughter and real enjoyment for you。Best wishes。愿新年不仅是你欢笑的时刻,更是你欣喜的日子。祝福你。

  39、May Christmas and the New Year be filled with happiness for you。愿你圣诞和新年幸福无尽。

  40、Time is flying away,and years are passing by。Only our friendship is always in my heart。Farewell,my friend!Take care,my friend!流水匆匆,岁月匆匆,唯有友情永存心中。朋友,再见!朋友,珍重?

  41、Good luck,good health,hood cheer。I wish you a happy New Year。祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。

  42、Season’s greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year! 献上节日的问候与祝福,愿你拥有一个充满生机和欢乐的新年。

  43、We had been together for two trees,we have a duet of two voices,we have a buddy on the school desks。When we waved goodbye,please accept my affectionate blessing。我们曾是并肩的两棵小树,我们曾是二重唱的两个声部,我们曾是张课桌上的学友。当我们挥手告别的时候,请接受我深情的祝福。

  44、May the joy and happiness around you today and always。愿快乐幸福永伴你左右。

  45、Classmate a few years,you put the seeds of friendship sown in my soul。I will silently take it,well watered,cultivated,let it out to Japan Fangxin flowers。同窗几年,你把友谊的种子撒在我心灵上。我将默默地把它带走,精心浇灌、栽培,让它来日开出芳馨的鲜花。

  46、From majestic mountains and valleys of GREen to crystal clear waters so blue,this wish is coming to you。越过青翠的峻岭和山谷,直到晶莹湛蓝的水边,飞来了我对你的祝愿。

  47、Life is a profound book。Other’s notes cannot replace your own understanding。May you find and create something new in it。生活是一本精深的书,别人的注释代替不了自己的理解。愿你有所发现,有所创造。

  48、A gift of love for your birthday,which is a warm wish from my heart。Happiness for your birthday and always。送上一份生日礼物,它是我内心深处的是生日祝福,祝你生日快乐,岁岁平安!

  49、Don’t be disappointed on the journey of life.There are friends in the world.Seize your chance and value your opportunities.May our friendship be everlasting.人生路上何须惆怅,天涯海角总有知音。把握机会珍惜缘分,祝愿我们友谊长存。

  50、Thank you,Mother,for your love,your smiles,your faith and trust,but most of all for being such a wonderful mother。谢谢您,母亲,谢谢您的爱抚、您的微笑、您的信念、您的信任,但最重要的是,谢谢您是这样慈祥敦厚的母亲。