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  The friendship between friends but agreed.


  Heaven can be overturned, my bestie dry down.


  The world of this rare friendship, equality and friendship more difficult.


  Thousands on thousands of horse cursory, not for real friendship.


  True friendship is a plant that grows slowly.


  Friends are tea, help me filter impetuous, save the quiet.


  Friendship is like tea, in the time of precipitation, more sweet.


  A friend is a lifetime thing and lovers only for a while.


  The moment of the burning of friendship, it never goes out.


  Friendship is the most invincible, love there are too many uncertainties.


  A true friend is one who has a soul in two bodies.


  No one can say clearly, friendship in the end is what kind of things.


  True friendship is like sound health, it is not valuable to know it when it is lost.


  You can make friends with people who are not in the mood to keep them in mind.


  Wealth is not a true friend, but a friend is a true treasure.


  A friend who knows your tears is better than a group of friends who only know you smile.


  Friends are the only, side scold you, one side for you wipe the tears of the role.


  Love is necessary to build up confidence, and friendship is necessary to establish observation.


  Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.


  Brother is not divided into you and me, brothers and brothers is right and wrong, the friend does not need a branch to promise!


  Friendship, which in the end is what? He is just a kind of feeling, a kind of harvest.


  The most common noun in the world is a friend, but the most difficult one is also a friend.


  The so-called friendship, is equal to the people left the interests of the relationship between the transaction.


  Friendship is like marriage, and its maintenance depends on avoiding the things that can't be forgiven.


  Friendship can make people pull together in times of trouble, friendship can make people full of life, a riot of colours.


  You reap. Kind of preferential friendship, get the friendship of benevolence.


  Frank and deep friendship, should not be used to measure the length of time.


  The most common noun in the world is a friend, but the most difficult one is a friend.


  No matter what the present and the future will be, remember that I will always be your best friend.


  When we are happy, our friends know us; we can know our friends when we are in trouble.


  A true friend is the one who has three: love your friends, forget your friends, and hate your friends.


  A friend is like an umbrella, no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, it will always be with you!


  Wisdom is the most important of all the happiness of the whole human life.


  Best friends are those who don't love to say, you can and the relative silence and close to people.


  Ten years later, I hope we are good friends, meet still can not be a joke.


  Friendship can not ask for anything, but, it has a kind of warmth, is that we can realize.


  Friendship is heaven, no it is like hell; friendship is life, no it means death.


  The most beautiful things in the world, than a few minds and the mind are very serious and honest friend.


  Friendship is installed in the bottle of wine, colorless and tasteless, after years of open the overflow is the deep love.


  Friendship in the end what is it? You only pay for what you get.


  Friendship, it is a kind of only paid the same kind of thing, can get this kind of thing.


  Friendship, friendship long live, friends, have you, my life will live so colorful!


  Friends let me learn to treasure, but also learned a lot, we must cherish their friends oh.


  To pay for the friendship must return. I will be very tired. When I was just a one-sided. I can't do it.


  When it comes to fame, honor, happiness and wealth, they are all dust and dust.


  A friend is a side that is full; can not help but always want to dial the number; it is a cup of tea at night long sit.


  Friendship is the most holy things, she will not only take root in the same sex, will bear fruit in the opposite sex.


  Whether you still don't believe our friendship, please remember, as long as you turn back, I will be there waiting for you.


  In the face of friendship, between people, like stars and stars, not one another, but mutual shine.


  Your sad I come to share, your happiness I to share, good friend forever in your side of the friendship from the heart.


  The friendship between people, the majority of people in the heart of the combination, because of this kind of valuable links, is gentle and sweet.


  True friendship will not be diluted by time. The promise of the past, it will not change because of the long years.


  Friendship is love without wings. A friendship that begins with a purpose, can not be sustained until the end of time.


  Whether it is sentimental verse, beautiful article, or the joy of leisure, nothing can replace the very close friendship.


  No matter how long the future, please cherish every moment, no matter how many seasons, we are forever friends.


  May be a storm of wind and rain, it makes the heart and heart of the collision between the more clear and loud, more brilliant brilliant.


  No matter how many links, as long as the heart to stay with each other's piece of the sky, then occasionally a sound asked Hou will bring a knowing smile.


  The vast sea of humanity like a piece of the Gobi desert, we are the sand beach, but your companion so I no longer feel small and lonely.


  Happiness in my most beautiful years, met a willing to accompany me crazy you. Thank you always accompany me, never abandon.


  Friendship is a leaf boat slender sculls; friendship is walking in a bag of the desert with water bag; friendship is a pre dawn dawn!


  We work with this piece of land, sweet taste astringent fruit half points. In order to enjoy the sweet life together, we need to struggle and friendship.


  The golden sun, the radiation of friendship; silver moon, passing the friendship. Friendship is the heavy rice, friendship is Yu misty forest.


  The wind, is our continuous care; blustery, is my gentle thoughts; rain, is my careful talk; the sun, is my warm smile.


  A friend is like a flower. Fragrant and elegant; friend is the autumn rain, delicate and full of poetry; December is a friend Mei, pure and stand proudly.


  Friendship is like long brewed wine, the longer the more fragrant, friendship is like bright rose, aroma assail the nostrils, friendship is like experience wind and frost Town, the old Yuemei!


  Memories of the time together, friendship years, is the most beautiful memories of the picture. Have mercy on your people, not friends, to help your people may be friends.


  Will heart anchor Bay in cloud rises, engrave happiness in your heart secretly, silk a wisp of friendship, you and I tied tightly at the end of the time change.


  Friendship is like water, and the thin and long; friendship is like a cup of tea, fragrant and pure; friendship is like wine, intense and Qinxin; friendship is like rain, thin and continuous; friendship is like snow, pine and bright and clean.


  A good friendship, like the fragrance, will lead you to the fresh world; as long as there is a bit of memory, a bit of opportunity, a story will always be forever.


  Every heart is my deep thoughts and wishes, willing to be forever with you the warmth and joy, regardless of where you are, I hope we are in the same piece of sky textile miss.


  I am not the angel, but I have a paradise; I have no wings, but I am looking down the sun; I have not got the shamrock, but I'm holding the hope, because I have you, my friend!


  Friendship is the two heart, friendship is not in return, friendship is not trouble, friendship is a warm embrace, friendship is accompanied to the old. Friendship is the smile that you and I are happy!