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  Don't have to be the company of deliberately, just occasionally a smile at one another, so naturally, but seemed more than thousands of words.


  Don't believe in together, let nature take its course is the best power, there will always be some people don't cast out.


  Can't blame others in a few words will change the image of yourself in others heart, who call you would not have been important.


  Look at the eyes of the fog of confusion, you kind of like your eyes and in front of me is not the same feeling in the world?


  Now we even together, will become history a short memories and ethereal.


  Red the rosy clouds in the rain, the sincere friendship, after don't running water resistance by stone, friendship does not drain by far.


  Just you send me the gift I have carefully preserved to the present, that I am afraid can't meet.


  Feelings for a long time,, it is not love, but depend on. Then when lose, that is not pain, but don't give up.


  What is love? Love is no matter how far separated, no matter how long, you are my most care of people.


  God just blinked, our story begins. And come to an end. He stole all of us.


  If you don't mind, I would like to send all of the things is that you, so I can go over and see you every day.


  You look charming, just like a cup of wine, smells inviting and tastes a bit spicy, it was pretty sweet aftertaste up.


  Do a calm person, do a kind person, do a smile and happy heart.


  It is deep night, and the room no light, the spring breeze gently blowing through the window to come in, comes the house full of flowers.


  I thought, two hearts of lonely hug is. I think that, pure love won't have regret.


  The lion's share of the pain, is not willing to leave as a result, not commanded the unfortunate, only to let go is not persistent.


  High mountain, on a small, on small, very clear and bright. I think in the way, one day disappear, my heart quietly.


  Remember, a rainy day, you said you would hurt me, now, it's raining again, and went away with all our oath.


  Always feel to sing a song about a person is a very deep thing. However you hurry, I'm tone-deaf.


  Therefore, I for you memories, who is my heart; The boundless huge, I am waiting for you, who is waiting for me.


  You finally drive me come to this, no longer cry for losing you, hear you all rusty and polite.


  Real pain, can only from one shoulder to another shoulder. The years, despite my hectic grew no one for you.


  To live like queen, will you be able to appeal to the king. How are you, what will attract.


  Happiness is actually very simple, is the heart can feel with the hand can touch one true heart, that is happiness.


  You said you where is good? Don't let me so? I don't know where you good, who also cannot replace.


  Sometimes, we is not what people what matter, such as we such as time, such as time, let oneself change.


  We always recall the past good, but we now days, we miss the past in the future.


  Among the worst in your eyes, I believe that you really loved me, like I was really for you, life to death.


  Suddenly feel the burden of this world is too heavy, a person can't afford to, too many sad, one heart to suffer.


  Around the dam Ge, LianNa bitter, if the day sentient days also old, clearly know that love is very painful, but still chose to let go.


  Happiness, is the man and, in places like, do like things, whether in love or argument.


  The crowd in a hurry, the fate to stop stay, lifetime know already can have a few people, only treasure friendship would last.


  Time is silent, the hero empty burial depth to how much beauty. The past have to do without Marty natalegawa, native to stay for love.


  A person's greatest weakness, not selfish, affectionate savage wayward, but a paranoid love a not love their own people.


  How many people, because of lonely fall in love with a person, and how many people, because fall in love with a person, and lonely life.


  The happiest thing in the world, that is, when you embrace a love you of person, he should have held you more tightly.


  I don't know what to retain, I only know that I love the one who is, won't leave me, because he knows that I will always be sad because I will.


  Happiness is a feeling, not have how many, don't say who than happiness, because happiness is unable to compare.


  Autumn fields taste kind of dizzy, seems to be flow penetration of color changes the whirl of a proper slightly drunk.


  I love you, you ReQing day in the sun, again bright star also shade. Do not love you, you became a bright star.


  If happiness, that is because I love you, are you love; If not happiness, that is because I don't understand, love yourself.


  I always thought, I did not sorry to anyone, but now I know, I am sorry, is my own.


  Those carved on the chair behind the love, will not like the flowers of cement, open no wind, lonely forest.


  Fish says to water you couldn't see my tears because in the water, the water says I can feel the rain to because you are in my heart.


  And you laughed together, are likely to forget him, but people cried with you, but you'll never forget.


  In the world the most ridiculous thing is, I know the truth, but you still lying, also said so true, so deep.


  Love a person is love, if you love he must let it go, let him do what he wants to do.


  Two people together is happy, don't ask for too much; Two people meet is happiness, don't expect too much.


  What do you want to be such a person: there is sufficient confidence when in a supporting role. But once to the power, the world is mine.


  I didn't change, just the mood changed, I am still me, just face the reality, more than a little helpless, a little more silence.


  Since no escape, not joy. Since there is no pure land as meditation. Since no wish, relief.


  Memories, pieces of fall. Lost in the world of mortals, remember the past, like the bleak autumn wind, into the memories of the leaves.


  The so-called mature, is: do you want to habit, anyone of hot and cold; Also want to see the light, anyone away.


  Years, is a poem, a poem contains rich philosophy, time is one hump camels, carrying the dream of countless people.