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  01, happiness is to work late at night, and back to their downstairs, looked up to see the window of the living room still showed little light.

  02, happiness is the dead alone and read a book under the lamp, happened to read a word touched the heart the most delicate nerves, inadvertently looked up and found that the orange light softly covered room.

  03, happiness is like people, in a favorite place to do what you love, whether it is love or quarrel.

  04, happiness is the road to see a blind musician is playing the flute, melodious flute hauntingly, who took out all the change, turn left at the time, the pace has become light up.


  05, we sometimes mistakenly believe that what we cannot get is precious; what we already own is cheap. Unable to obtain, because of the lack of in-depth understanding, it is just a beautiful illusion, showing us a gorgeous appearance. If one day, you close to it, and know the truth, you will find that it is similar to what we have! Don't keep your eyes in your imagination. All you have is your happiness.

  06, you should dare to put the future of happiness on my body, gambling, I dare to live with you, to the last let you lose.

  07. The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the song is free, the bells are wonderful, you are the happiest.

  08, happiness is a feeling, like a candle, when you walk in there is a piece of lamps and candles of a myriad families, the warm fluorescent light your way home; like a aftertaste lingers in the heart, all sorts of joys and sorrows are once the chase; like a desire, longing when time crawling forehead wrinkles, can still calm happy and deserved no regrets. Happiness is a glass of imagination, dreams of ordinary rice brew wine fragrance, and then waiting for life and treasure.

  09, in the right place, met the right person, that is real happiness. Therefore, in every windy day, we will be full of thanksgiving heart, thank you for the fate of our meeting, thank you for life, let us walk in the helpless intersection of the encounter.

  10, when love is absent, you must learn to live well and love yourself. When love is absent, you should learn to clear, shook his head and everything will be past. When love is absent, learn to accept yourself; accept yourself, and you will be happy. When love is absent, you must work hard; work hard; after all, love is not the whole of life. Life has many helpless, please try to enrich yourself, enrich your happy life.

  11, happiness is to see in the morning on the balcony personally planted Milan shyly out blossoming golden yellow flowers; found that the "missing" has long been the shoe was cleaning under the bed; see grandma is sitting in the rocking chair slowly fall asleep, covered with I gave her son the shawl.

  12, two people are happy together, should not be too much; two people meet each other is happy, don't expect too much.

  13, want to elope with you, go to the most distant cities and towns. There is no earthly troubles, no money and desire; no envy and fear; do not work with the endless car shrill whistle. We enjoyed the sunshine and the flowers together and smiled frankly and frankly to strangers. As if to grasp the gate of time, gently pull, so that happiness has become slow and long. So holding hands, together to the end of the years.

  14, there are two people, always say do not care about each other, but always unable to part attachment. There are two people, obviously because of each other's words hurt deeply, but always unconditionally believe each other. There are two people, the other party's happy, the other side's sad, but always tied together. There are two people, obviously want to forget, but always inadvertently between remember.

  15, when we grow old, someone can accompany together every day on, it will be a very happy thing!

  16, at this moment, in the heart, in addition to the pain is miss, God always likes to open such a joke, let us forever separated by a turn around distance.

  17, true love should know how to cherish. It is no shame to love only one person all one's life. A lifetime is not long, how lucky it is to meet someone you love. Why not hold his hand tightly?. Even if the heart knows, in addition to him, there will be more outstanding people appear, nor greed. A heart needs another heart to be honest, so that you can be happy.

  18, life with your careful care, life with your sincere tolerance, our love, is a beautiful miracle. Together, watching the sunrise and sunset; a romantic life together, beautiful, good times will you stay for me. At this moment, there is a strange excitement welled up in my heart, I want to embrace you, a quick cry, just because this is a kind of tears of happiness.

  19, what kind of life is a happy life? In fact, happiness is just a state of mind. When you feel happy, life is full of happiness; you feel pain and life is miserable. The same day, people looked up and saw the cloud layer, people can through the clouds, feel the boundless blue.

  20, who can let you forget the past, can give you the future. Who makes you forget yourself, can make you proud. Who can let you forget the benefits, can give you happiness. Falling in love with a person, the memory will become worse, a lot of past forgotten. Once important, because of him, but no longer important. If a person lets you forget many times, then he is your destination.

  21, happiness is to work for a long time, to sit in the classroom listening, watching the podium grey-haired professor of preaching tuition FAQ, bowed notes if you went back to the University of the times a quiet afternoon.

  22 、 Happiness is like a magnet, life is like iron. Life is like a book, but the more you read, the more refined you become, the more you write. When reading, open mind, everything has been indifferent to the heart. The book is neither good nor bad, only the good and the bad, probably because of its book is self experience, self compiled from the reading of things, for a long time, there are things in the book, worthy of note; when the realization of less, there will be no charm at all.

  23, happiness is lonely, received a long time no contact with a friend's phone, two people on the phone 1.5 hours.

  24, happiness is to wake up in the morning, see the sunlight just fell pillow. You can not hurry up, hiding in bed listening to the mother in the kitchen busy not cautiously without any noise, while Poached Egg smell filled the room.

  25, I once did not believe in love, now I believe. The only thing in the world that is more blessed than to love is to love; the only thing luckier than being loved is to find someone worth loving in the vast sea of people.

  26 listen to a beautiful music and sing a favorite song. Prepare a big dinner for your family and chat with your family. Or do not want anything, to put down the busy work, to the nature of the trees, listen to birds. Happiness is simple, simple life is happy, brew a cup of tea, or a glass of homemade hot drinks. Open the favorite magazine, read the beautiful essay, read between the lines, feel relaxed and cheerful. Simple is happiness.

  27, since two people because love together, seriously manage this feeling, treat lovers to understand, to accommodate, to trust, otherwise don't treat him as a lover. Remember that the person you love is just plain human. When you make mistakes, forgive them for the mistakes they make, and accept that he points out your faults and shortcomings. That is, he can forgive you when you are careless and when you make mistakes. What you pay for, what you end up with is not what you pay for.

  28, what is happiness? Happiness is holding a pair of holding hands, waiting with loneliness; is to accompany a person to accompany, laugh when happy, cry when sad; is to have a want to have heart, repeat boring day not boring, doing the same thing not boring, as long as we have love heart, we will be happy, happiness is in the original commitment, in the dream of the future!

  29, many people have passed, let it become a landscape. What is happiness? Happiness is a pleasant state of mind and feelings. The happiest man is the one who always makes himself happy at all times. The happiest man is the happiest. A group of people, is the most happy.

  30, happiness is happy when someone accompany go out to eat a big meal, sad when someone patted his shoulder and handed him a cup of hot coffee, shilly-shally is like a lighthouse illuminating my direction, I am tired, found someone has been not far from silent.

  31, happiness is after dinner and sat on the bed and stitch knitting a blue scarf, thinking of him wearing a scarf. It must be like a bear, so I can't help laughing.

  32, life is like walking on a road, you walk in the road will meet different people, some accompany you go a paragraph, and some accompany you go a lifetime. We can not have another childhood; there is no middle school; there can be no first love; there can be no previous happiness, happiness, sorrow, pain. Yesterday, a second ago, it is impossible to go back again. We can not go back, life is a film that cannot be replayed.

  33, happiness is wearing a white cotton dress walking in the dusk of the evening, after a video shop just rang a long song. Then stopped to listen to the song, many beautiful distant memories gradually clear up in my mind.

  34, you are the sweetest lover, and what I want to hear is not how you love me, but the promise that you've always been there for me. The thing that makes me feel most happy is that you are always there. I thought you were my sweetest lover, and I knew you'd never leave.

  35, life is like a movie, we are their own director, what kind of life, it is our choice, happiness, happiness is not happiness, sadness or joy, is what they say, so, from today, a free and easy life!

  36, happy sentence: the happiest thing is a bad tempered girl, a good tempered boy has spoiled her.

  37, we keep turning back memories, happiness, can be related to love, but also can not be related to love, can be related to wealth, but also irrelevant to wealth. Especially when you are old, especially when you are lonely and lonely. Like walking in the desert in the eyes of people, happiness is just a drop in the eyes of the hungry,

  38, after experiencing some things, people will grow up, will also know more about things; and after experiencing a relationship, will know better love. Stay for the happiness, the passage of regret. The taste of happiness is sweet and sour occasionally; feelings of regret is hard, sometimes spicy. Treat the people around you well, and be happy together.

  39, happiness is that a person to accompany you boring, rare is that you two are not bored.

  40, yes, we live in a small and ordinary life, we can be small and ordinary life, itself is a kind of happiness, and I am small and ordinary, happiness is still going on, I am really very happy.

  41, the so-called happiness, that is, a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a lover who loves you, a group of trusted friends.

  42. Jealousy is a fatal vice of a woman. Always looking at other people's life better than yourself, such a life will not be happy, and more will not be happy. Relax your mood, life will be more relaxed, always contrast, just let him think you are careful, so, rather than constantly comparing jealousy, make yourself more attractive.

  43, most happiness is short, even momentary, do not imagine happiness forever. The water reflected the beauty of reflection could be dashed with a fish tail softly, but the beautiful impression will not burst. Marriageable age of pure love, because of a little Sunian and the end of fermentation, but not the end of love touched. There is no happiness that can last long, but every moment of happiness will endure, and there will be no lack of happiness in life.

  44, I agree with the strong is: suffer the misfortune of life, but still looking forward to happiness; betrayed by others, but still brave to love; see the ugly of the world, but still pay goodwill.

  45, what kind of life is a happy life? In fact, happiness is just a state of mind. When you feel happy, life is full of happiness; you feel pain and life is miserable. The same day, people looked up and saw the cloud layer, people can through the clouds, feel the boundless blue.

  46, happiness is the spring occasionally smell the fragrance, summer wear bright T-shirt sitting on the beach watching the tide, autumn walk in full is the French Phoenix Street, there is a touch of sadness, in the winter snow when standing on the roadside eating reeky sweet potato.

  47, happiness is like the rock out of the water, not spectacular, but sweet and refreshing. In this world, only those lower expectations of life for, to a correct understanding of their own ability and happiness in life to just perfect the real coordinates of the center of the people, is the most happy. Happiness belongs only to those who are thankful - for contentment, happiness is everywhere; and gratitude, happiness, comes from time to time.

  48, the so-called happiness, is a kind of sense, it depends on your point of view, whether you can have happiness, is your feedback response of things that exist between sincerity and reaction can you make of your happiness, if you are happy, you will beat all the chips not sincere things, not happiness, not only sincere person.

  49, a happy person is not because he has many, but because he care less, know how to search, and has a broad mind, grace Taya's demeanor.

  50, love quotes: my most happy thing, when you have an angel.

  51, the happiest thing is a bad tempered girl, a good tempered boy has spoiled her.

  52, a person's misfortune, is from envy others begin. If you always try to become someone in your imagination, the problem will come. People are tired, because more and more will not do their real self. You know, God gives you such a life, it has its own reason. To live your life well is the only shortcut to happiness.

  53, after the storms of life, life is empty; did not experience the pain of people, can not appreciate the true meaning of happiness. Most people are in the fight and frustration, only to understand the treasure, a small number of people in the constant wind and rain baptism, only to find the true self. If you want to reach the realm of ecstasy really, must undergo a sharpening and practice; if you want to appreciate the true happiness, you must first learn to bear the pain of suffering.

  54, life, only to have the heart to laugh at as boundless as the sea and sky; over the loss, the water overflows; in life, in the face of the lost, we keep calm treat with indifference, mood; face get, keep a normal heart, cherish; ordinary people own ordinary people happy, since you are not others, do not envy others, but do not ignore the side of happiness.

  55, happiness is praised by the leaders at work, long breath out from the director's office, and then exaggerated to do a victory gesture.

  56, happiness is in the middle of the night was troubled by nightmares, sweating woke up and found were invaded wet towel, moonlight like water flowing quietly through the window.

  57, somebody! You have to remember, I am waiting for you now, because I really fell in love with you, I do not want to hurt, just want to live happily!