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  1、 我以为小鸟飞不过沧海,是以为小鸟没有非过沧海的勇气,十年以后我才发现,不是小鸟飞不过去,而是沧海的那一头,早已没有了等待

  1, I thought the birds fly but the sea, is that the birds do not have the courage to cross the sea, ten years later I found that not the birds do not fly past, but the sea of the head, no longer waiting

  2、 你走的那天没,我决定不掉泪,迎着等撑着眼帘用力不眨眼

  2, the day you left, I decided not to tears, in other and not to blink of an eye

  3、 多谢你的绝情,让我学会死心

  3, thank you for your unfeeling, let me learn to forget

  4、 带着一根烟,浪迹天涯

  4, with a cigarette, wandering

  5、 我要你相信,我所说的每句话,我一定能做到。这就是我为什么沉没寡言的原因,我不是不会骗人。我怕我说了我做不到。

  5, I want you to believe that every word I say, I can do it. This is why I am taciturn, I will not lie. I'm afraid I said I can't do it.

  6、 没有人需要牺牲自己的一辈子去证明自己有多么爱一个人。

  6, no one needs to sacrifice his whole life to prove how much he loves a person.

  7、 离别之后,每一个时刻,每一句话,都是最珍贵的回忆与执念

  7, after parting, every moment, every sentence, is the most precious memories and obsession

  8、 让我们含泪微笑好吗?就象蒙娜丽莎一样迷人。灿烂!让我们彼此默默深情地凝视好吗?或者紧紧地握住彼此的双手,紧紧地拥抱一次。彼此道一声珍重,道一声平安,然后,像往常一样,彼此沿着各自的生活轨道前行,逐步走向成熟和坚定!

  8, let us smile in tears, will you? Just as charming as Monalisa. Brilliant! Let's gaze silently at each other, shall we? Or hold each other's hands tightly and hug them once more. Each other a way to treasure, a sound peace, and then, as usual, each other along their own life track forward, gradually mature and firm!

  9、 流逝的流年流淌着流传的留言,流浪的流氓继续着流亡。

  9, the passage of time flows flowing messages, wandering hooligans continue to exile.

  10、 在错的时间遇到对的人,这样的相遇总会有美好与心碎,或许要相信那句话世间不曾有过完美,何必苦苦追求,曾经拥有过,就不在乎天长地久。

  10, in the wrong time met the right people, such a meeting will always be good and broken heart, perhaps to believe that sentence, the world has not been perfect, why the pursuit of hardship, once had, do not care forever.

  11、 寻了你很久很久,仿若寻了一个世纪;想了你很久很久,仿若将我长长的青春也想到了尽头;念了你很久很久,仿若今生就是如此般念完。一切都可以勇敢,包括我曾迷茫不明的爱情,我曾胆怯错落的爱情,我曾去了不再的爱情,我曾选择失忆的爱情,如过去,若寒秋风

  11, for you for a long time, like to find a century; to you for a long time, like my long youth also thought to an end; you read for a long time, like so like this life is finished. Everything can be brave, including my confused love, I have been timid and scattered love, I have gone to no longer love, I have chosen the love of amnesia, such as the past, if the cold autumn wind

  12、 那些盛开在年华里的遥远夜晚。是无论如何坚持都回不到的过往。

  12, those who bloom in the distant night of love. In any case, adhere to the past can not be returned.

  13、 你认命比抱怨还要好,对于不可改变的事实,你除了认命以外,没有更好的办法了。

  13, you live even better than complaining, for truth that will never change, besides your fate, there is no better way.

  14、 行为胜于雄辩,愚人的眼睛是比他们的耳朵聪明得多的。

  14 deeds speak louder than words; fools eyes are much smarter than their ears.

  15、 角落里,你会看到流泪的我,在空洞的黑色世界中,我很有安全感,因为那时候哭泣,别人不会看到,有光的世界,我好累,因为伪装,痛与不痛,苦与不苦,害怕与不害怕,难过与不难过,没有分别,他们幻化出来的除了笑,没有其它,我活着很累,活得很痛苦,所以我很看重朋友,非常看重,那是我唯一能够在有光的日子里还可以流泪的自由与惬意。

  15, in the corner, you will see my tears, in the black hole in the world, I have a sense of security, because I cry, others will not see the bright world, I am very tired, because the camouflage, pain and pain, pain and fear and not bitter, not afraid, sad and sad. No, they turned out in addition to laugh, no other, I live very tired, live very painful, so I very much friend, a very high value, that is the only thing I can be free and comfortable in the light of the day can also shed tears.

  16、 圆满的,不一定是最美的,最美的,经常只有遗憾。

  16, complete, not necessarily the most beautiful, the most beautiful, often only regret.

  17、 仇恨永远不能化解仇恨,只有慈悲才能化解仇恨,这是永恒的至理。

  17, forever can not hate hatred, only compassion can overcome hatred, this is an eternal truth.

  18、 我走在回家的路上,身边没有一丝生机,一个人无精打采的,好像整个世界都要放弃我了

  18, I walk on the way home, there is no vitality around, a person listless, as if the whole world is going to give up on me

  19、 疑惑足以败事。一个人往往因为遇事畏缩的原故,失去了成功的机会。最好的好人,都是犯过错误的过来人;一个人往往因为有一点小小的缺点,更显出他的可爱。

  19, doubts enough to defeat things. A person often becauseencounters a difficulty reason, lost the chance of success. The best good men are the ones who have made mistakes; a man often shows his affection for a little shortcoming.

  20、 过火的友谊,会化为灰烬

  20, excessive friendship will be reduced to ashes

  21、 记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的,改变能改变的,接受不能改变的

  21 remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changed, and accept what is impossible

  22、 木头对火说:抱我!火拥抱了木头,木头微笑着化为灰烬!火哭了,泪水熄灭了自己当木头爱上烈火注定会被烧伤

  22, wood to fire say: embrace me! The fire embraced the wood, and the wood fell to ashes with a smile! Fire cry, tears out of their own, when the wood fell in love with the fire, destined to be burned

  23、 当眼泪流下来,才知道,分开也是另一种明白。

  23, when the tears flow down, just know, separate is another kind of clear.

  24、 我真的爱你,闭上眼,以为我能忘记,但流下的眼泪,却没有骗到自己

  24, I really love you, close your eyes, that I can forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves

  25、 回家的路上我哭了,眼泪再一次崩溃了,无能为力这样走着,再也不敢骄傲奢求了。我还能够说些什么,我还能够做些什么?我好希望你会听见,因为爱你我让你走了

  25, on the way home, I cried, tears again collapsed, helpless, walk like this, no longer proud of the luxury. What else can I say, what else can I do? I wish you'd hear me, because I love you. I let you go

  26、 不要轻易说爱,许下的承诺就是欠下的债!

  26, do not easily say love, promises made is debt owed!

  27、 是我的终究是我的,我终归是你的一个过客,你始终不爱我,注定我和你就是什么都不会发生,注定注定只是注定,不管我怎么跨越不管我怎么想靠近你,你还是会离开我的,我好想你,好想好想你,好想好想见你。

  27, I it is I, after all, I am your traveler, you always love me, you and I are destined to what is going to happen, is doomed only to, no matter how I cross no matter what I want to close to you, you will leave me, I miss you, miss I miss you, miss you.

  28、 脸上的快乐,别人看得到。心里的痛又有谁能感觉到。

  28, the joy of the face, others see. Who can feel the pain in my heart?.

  29、 分手后不可仪做朋友,因为彼此伤害过,不可以做敌人,因为彼此深爱过,所以我们变成了最熟悉的陌生人。

  29, after breaking up can not be a friend, because each other hurt, can not do the enemy, because each other loved, so we become the most familiar strangers.

  30、 有的人与人之间的相遇就像是流星,瞬间迸发出令人羡慕的火花,却注定只是匆匆而过。

  30, some people meet like the meteor, sudden spark of envy, but is being in love with you.

  31、 时间会慢慢沉淀,有些人会在你心底慢慢模糊。学会放手,你的幸福需要自己的成全。

  31, time will slowly precipitation, some people will be in your heart slowly blurred. Learn to let go, your happiness needs to be done by yourself.

  32、 我能感觉到你的心痛,你有你说不出的无奈但是你做出一副无所谓的样子,你越是这样我就越难受。

  32, I can feel your pain, you have what you can not say, but you make an indifferent look, the more you do, the more I feel uncomfortable.

  33、 有些的时候,正是为了爱才悄悄躲开,躲开的是身影,躲不开的却是那份默默的情怀。

  33, some of the time, it is just to love, quietly escape, avoid the figure, can not hide but that share of silent feelings.

  34、 爱到分才显珍贵,很多人都不懂珍惜拥有,只到失去才看到,其实那最熟悉的才是最珍贵的。

  34, love points to show precious, many people do not understand, cherish, have, only to lose to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.

  35、 有时,爱也是种伤害,残忍的人,选择伤害别人,善良的人,选择伤害自己。

  35, sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt, cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind-hearted people, choose to hurt themselves.

  36、 你走了,带着我全部的爱走了,只是一句分手,我忍着眼泪看着你的背影,好想最后在抱你一次,好想在对你说一次我爱你。

  36, you go, with all my love gone, just a break up, I endured tears, watching your back, I really want to hold you in the end, I want to say to you once, I love you.

  37、 淋过雨的空气,疲倦了的伤心,我记忆里的童话已经慢慢的融化。

  37, rain shower air, tired of the sad, I remember the fairy tale has slowly melting.

  38、 既然爱,为什么不说出口,有些东西失去了,就在也回不来了!

  38, since love, why not say exports, and some things lost, it will not come back!

  39、 相爱是种感觉,当这种感觉已经不在时,我知道还在勉强自己,这叫责任!分手是种勇气!当这种勇气已经不在时,我却还在鼓励自己,这叫悲壮!

  39, love is a kind of feeling, when this feeling is no longer in, I know still forced himself, this is called responsibility! Breaking up is courage! When this kind of courage has gone, I still encourage myself, which is called solemn and stirring!

  40、 人生不止,寂寞不已。寂寞人生爱无休,寂寞是爱永远的主题,我和我的影子独处,它说它有悄悄话想跟我说,它说它很想念你,原来,我和我的影子都在想你。

  40, more than life, loneliness endless. Lonely life, love without leisure, loneliness is the theme of love forever, I and my shadow alone, it says that it has whispered words, want to tell me, it says that it misses you, the original, I and my shadow are thinking of you.

  41、 在完美的彼岸刚刚上演了一场悲剧,所有的血与泪在枯萎的荆棘蕴育出一个花蕾,它将经历轮回的七场雷雨,然后毡房在潮湿的空气中

  41, the perfect shore has staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears in a flower withered thorns breeds, it will experience a rebirth of seven thunderstorm, then yurts in the humid air

  42、 鱼上钩了,那是因为鱼爱上了渔夫,它愿用生命来博渔夫一笑

  42, the fish hooked, it is because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, it is willing to use life to enjoy the fisherman smile

  43、 喜欢在你身上留下属于我的印记,却不曾记起你从未属于过我

  43, like to leave in your body belongs to my mark, but never remember you never belonged to me

  44、 如果有一天,不再喜欢你了,我的生活会不会又像从前那样XXXXX,颓废我不想再要那样的生活,所以,在我还没有放弃你之前,请你,至少要喜欢上我

  44, if one day, no longer love you, my life will be like the past XXXXX, decadent I don't want to live like that, so please you, I did not give up before you, at least, to love me

  45、 其实我一直在你身边守侯,等你靠在我肩上诉说,会不会有那么一天,你的温柔都属于我,我不会再让你难过,让你的泪再流!

  45, I have been kept in your side, waiting for you on my shoulder, will there be a day, you belong to me gently, I will not let you sad, let your tears flow again!

  46、 你当我是个风筝,要不把我放了,要不然就收好带回家,别用一条看不见的情思拴着我,让我心伤。

  46, when I was a kite, or put me, otherwise you'll receive a good home, don't use an invisible qingsishuanzhuo I, let me heartache.

  47、 窗外下着雪,泡一杯咖啡,握到它凉了,才知道又想起了你,我的期待你如何才能明白!

  47, out of the window under the snow, a cup of coffee, hold it cool, just know, and think of you, my expectations, how can you understand?!

  48、 第一次哭是因为你不在,第一次笑是因为遇到你,第一次笑着流泪是因为不能拥有你!

  48, the first cry is because you are not in, the first laugh because you met, the first smile, tears, because you can not have!

  49、 岁月就像一条河,左岸是无法忘却的回忆,右岸是值得把握的青春年华,中间飞快流淌的,是年轻隐隐的伤感。世间有许多美好的东西,但真正属于自己的却并不多。看庭前花开花落,荣辱不惊,望天上云卷云舒,去留无意。在这个纷绕的世俗世界里,能够学会用一颗平常的心去对待周围的一切,也是一重境界。

  49, years like a river, the left bank is unforgettable memories, the right bank is worth grasping the youth, the middle of the rapid flow, is young faint sentimental. There are many good things in the world, but there are not many that really belong to you. Look at the court before the flowers bloom, honor or disgrace, look at the sky, clouds, cirrus, Shu, or fate, inadvertently. In this secular world, the ability to learn to use an ordinary heart to deal with everything around, is also a heavy realm.

  50、 我们的生活有太多无奈,我们无法改变,也无力去改变,更糟的是,我们失去了改变的想法。

  50, our lives have too many helpless, we can not change, and can not change, and to make matters worse, we lost the idea of change.